Ideally categorized as a luxury brand for vehicles, originating from the land of Jerrys (Germans), Audi has been in production since 1965 and is a member of the Volkswagen Group. With over 11 production facilities in 9 countries, Audi reached a new record figure of 1,878,100 automobiles sold by the end of 2017. In this post, we would like to offer you some solid reasons as to why you should consider buying an Audi and look for one at a “New Car Dealerships Near Me”.

Some Interesting Facts

-1) Before Audi emerged as its own independent venture, in 1921 it made a record for being the first German Automobile producer to deliver a left-hand drive car by the name of “Type K”.

-2) Audi was the first car maker in the world to have officially performed a car-crash test in 1938. They have been successfully conducting car-crash tests for over 80 years now!

-3) Audi won the case against International Olympic Committee when they sued the car maker for their logo way back in 1995.

-4) Audi has supported a lot of sporting events like skiing and soccer, however, their biggest headline rolled out when they sponsored the controversy-stricken New York Yankees.

-5) Audi delivered a four-wheel drive rally car, and hence revolutionizing the sport forevermore. Ever since then their Audi Quattro has emerged as a successfully looked upon unit across the globe.

-5) Audi is the Latinization for Horch (Founder) and it means “listen” in Latin.

-6) Audi once produced a race car called Type-C in 1938 that managed to clock at 430 mph at the Autobahn, a controlled-access highway system in Germany. This was simply to show off to people at Mercedes since their rivalry has stayed strong over all these years.

-7) Audi is the ultimate champion of the world’s oldest endurance car racing event known as 24 hours of Le Mans in France that originated way back in 1923 and has won the title a staggering number of 13 times, though yet unable to beat Porsche’s 19 times victory over the event.

-8) Pikes Peak is considered as one of the most dangerous tracks according to the WRC (World Rally Championship) and Audi has the prestige of scaling the mountain in a GPC enabled Audi TTS without any driver with just nineteen minutes short of the world record set by Loeb, Sebastian.

-9) Google is offering a prize of $30 million for the automaker who can deliver a Lunar Rover for their Lunar XPRIZE competition, without a doubt Audi has entered into the competition.

-10) Audi made around $58 billion in revenues alone in 2015.

-11) During its initial years Audi delivered a van and motorcycle as its mainstream product line in 1949.

-12) Audi’s most prestigious facility called ‘Neckarsulm’ takes around 70 hours to build one R8 from over 5000 parts. On an average day, the facility might roll out around 20 of these exotic cars.

-13) The most expensive Audi ever built was the Le Mans concept, worth $5 million. The car was put for presentation at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show and featured a 610 V10 engine and a top speed of 214 mph (over 300 kph)!

We hope this post was helpful in offering you some of the best facts you never knew about Audi and they would have allured you towards trying out one of their latest models. It is interesting to note that Audi’s motto states “Advancement through Technology” and it holds true for company housing more than 85,000 employees as of 2015 across the globe.

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