There is no doubt that car dealerships across the globe are in need of the dire intervention of some sort of technological intervention to keep them alive for the upcoming era. Many floor managers are already considering how to distribute the floor space along the line of virtual and physical interaction with their walk-in customers. The digital age is already upon us, and with the centennials and millennials coming of age to buy their own cars, there is indeed a heartfelt need for the entire automotive industry to adopt some change management strategies to cater to the preferences of buyers and their experience in the future. In this post, however, we want to celebrate some the auto dealerships that did the right thing and went outside the box to offer a unique experience for their target audiences to captivate their attention to a completely different and whole new level. So, let’s begin the countdown shall we:

Audi Forum (New York City)

Though this isn’t one of the car dealerships where you can purchase a car from, however, the Audi Forum is indeed built on the centerfold of impressing its audiences to buy a car from one of the neighboring showrooms. The entire setting is focused on delivering a brand experience exclusive to the Audi brand of cars. The center is specifically styled and constructed to showcase 5 models. The vicinity is empowered through a cutting-edge sound system along with 15-inch subwoofers and 6.5-inch loudspeakers attached to the ceiling. The sitting area is decorated with white themed hostelry to reflect minimalist German design. All of this to simply exemplify Audi as a luxury brand.

Galpin Aston Martin (Los Angeles)

The prime experience for this one of the luxury brand car dealerships comes directly from its Club Aston which is almost a real-life rendition of Spy Movies we can ever experience. The entrance alone is like a mesmerizing dream that rarely fades away once live through the feeling of opening a vault-like door that opens through your thumbprint and that too by asking for an appointment to the place early on. Glamorous like nothing else this world could offer you, the experience is a bedazzlement of sorts from the beginning to the end. Once you are inside after making your James Bond style entrance to the place, next in line waiting for you is a circular chamber with befitting background music filling the air. Even the salespeople are dressed exquisitely and you can have your own fun going around by ordering ‘shaken not stirred’ martinis. The only potential evil doers you can think of coming across in this place are those who didn’t get the chance to visit this fascinating place.

Fletcher Jones Mercedes-Benz (Newport Beach)

What can one can expect from one of the leading German brands of automotive? Nothing less than a royal treatment right? Well, this exactly what the place offers, a palace of sorts befitting a king. First thing first, Fletcher Jones Mercedes-Benz is undoubtedly the largest car dealerships in the world featuring Mercedes-Benz as the main brand. So, if you are really a fanatic for these car makers, then this probably where you should mark your attendance at the earliest of your convenience. There is a literary unlimited number of amenities to look around for, however, the one that takes the icing on the cake, is the airport shuttle pick and drop off. What did you just read?! Yup that’s right, so if you have a flight in the morning, simply drop off your car at the place and shuttle will take you towards your flight. Once you return the shuttle will pick up too. The next thing you know is that your car which you parked at the place is all shiny and sparkly, courtesy of car wash services at the locality. What else can you ask for?

Grimsby Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep (Ontario, Canada)

If you are looking for something more than a simple car wash, polishing, and waxing offered at your local car dealerships, then how about visiting the Great White North. Here at the land of maple leaf, even the tastiest of doughnuts sound too boring to munch in the waiting room. This is due to the fact that the vicinity offers you the Crossfire Spa! Woah, talk about washing, waxing, pedicure, and facials for the customers at car center. The popularity for the facility grew so tremendously that within months of its opening the management had to move this particular amenity to a bigger room to accommodate the rising demand of customers who would simply go there to have a great time with family and friends. One of the most popular selections at the place openly reads out to the public listed as “Oil Change + Manicure” in $34.95 only. Now we are talking!!!

Newport Lexus (Newport Beach)

Don’t be afraid if you enter this grandeur of a setting and think you might have reached here by mistake or that your navigation system gave up on you. Instead of feeling like one of the car dealerships you are accustomed to knowing how they feel and look like, what beholds you is nothing short of a five-star grand hotel entrance. There is a point for those who think they can visit the place looking shabby, simply don’t, this place is chic looking like Emma Stone (…what a babe! Ahem…Okay back to the article). The first thing you notice is the huge fountains which don’t seem like anything out of the ordinary since you already are flabbergasted by now with the surrounding lighting and overall glamour offered for your eyes to feast on. Next up there is this 300,000 square foot showroom for you to take a seamlessly never-ending trip. All of this might ask you to freshen and lighten up a bit so take a visit to the restrooms where you can enjoy television shows while using the fabulously designed urinals.

We hope this post was helpful in offering you an understanding of how car dealerships have been offering unique experiences to their target audiences to offer them a captivating experience. For any further discussion regarding the topic, feel free to let us know of your comments in the section below.


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