The majority of auto dealers and their trained salesman expand their playing area using the information gap between them and the buyers. We have always requested our readers time and time again to make a considerable effort in reducing this gap so as to be on the safe side and not fall for the wrong decisions that can end you up in a bad car deal. Here is another post dedicated to our commitment to making buyers aware of the tricks used by the salesman to get you in a tight spot and spill out your beans in front of them. So, let’s delve right into them, shall we?

Gambling Games

This is where the genuine salesperson starts to show their actual talents. Once they realize what you want they will try to make a pleasing offer while secretly cashing in on more dough than you could think of. Consider a car finance deal, they may offer you a lesser amount of monthly payments but eventually extend the period of time to pay off the car to make more. Similarly, if you have a trade in mind, the majority of the sales people will offer you a good deal while raising the price of the new car secretively.

Luring & Swapping

Most commonly know as the ‘bait and switch’ tactic by experienced salespeople. The essence of the entire tactics lies in offering a remarkable vehicle first hand to the customer, who naturally falls in love with it and wants to make a deal. However on the day the customers finally show up at the showroom to get the arrangements ready, the salesperson apologizes saying that the car has already been sold, and in its place offers a more expensive car to the customer.

Addressing Payments Before the Price

A major red flag to watch out for is when the salesperson is more interested in you making payments even before letting you know the price of the vehicle in the first place. They would likely end up extending the time period required to finance the car and often make as much $3000 on the deal. Without any concerns about your budget and asking how to make it easier for you, they are just selling a car and not a solution that caters towards your needs.

Blinding Through Hidden Fees

It all comes down to bad information and not being aware of the tactics deployed by the salesperson. Consider buying a car that is around $9,000. There is nothing wrong with the car and happily agreed to pay that price, however that is when the environment shifts and when you go inside to finalize the deal when you find a whole lot of ordeal waiting for you. The dealership gladly adds in processing fee, title transfer, and registration fee, along with licensing fee to top it off to a total of more than $1100 which weren’t aware of in the first place. Though these fees aren’t actually hidden it is one of their tactics to enter you in a blind spot and take the cake away from you.

Spirit Breaking

This so common that we decided to put in anyways. The idea is to get you exhausted by letting you in a waiting game for your life. Trade-ins are the worst as there are multiple layers of management to go through in order to finalize the deal, first comes the salesperson as your point of contact, followed by the entire crew which may include team leaders, sales managers, general sales manager, up to the general managers even. On the other hand, if you have decided to buy a new car they will let you wait for document processing, necessary paperwork and financing options to be finalized. This entire endeavor is expanded to break your spirits to the point where you are simply waiting to get out of the place even if it ends up with a bad deal.

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