You’ve just graduated high school. There are dozens of ways to celebrate; attend graduation parties, farewell parties etc. But how about something more permanent? Have thought of buying a car? Maybe you can use your savings or ask your parents to get you a car just before you leave the state for college. Here are seven of the best cars for students just out of high school

1. Honda Fit 3rd Gen

The Honda Fit has it all; drive, aesthetics and fuel efficiency. This car was actually launched in 2001 but it has come a long way since then. It has come out to make itself one of the best hybrids in its range and can be a very useful car. The Honda fit has a small exterior but has a gorgeous and spacious interior to go with it. This automatic transmission car is equipped comes in several options in terms of engine. A 1.3L engine is one of the two choices you have in buying this car, while the other is a 1.5L engine. The Honda fit is here to fit your needs and is available at a rate of $139/month.

2. 2017 Mazda Mazda3

If you’re a car enthusiast, then this is highly recommended for you. The Mazda not only gives you high speed, but ensures excellent control as well. It is the perfect car for you if you love to race. Along with being fast, the Mazda3 comes in a great shape and looks beautiful as well. In just $169.month you can get this car which is equipped with a 1998CC engine and delivers 155 horsepower and 155 torque.

3. 2018 Nissan Frontier

For some students, a pick-up truck is all they want. This may be due several factors. It may be because they like the feel of the car or because they’re highly social and require excess space which a normal car can not provide them. Under such conditions, the Nissan Frontier is the best option for you. Usually pick-up trucks can cost you a lot of money, but in this case, the same may not apply. The Nissan Frontier is actually pretty affordable, at as low as $180/month.

4. Kia Forte

Kia is one of the best in the business for being a value for money car. At low rates, they ensure affordability with the highest possible standards. The Kia Forte is a perfect car for students who are new to driving. There are plenty of goofs on the road who you must save yourself from. The Kia Forte does that for you, it is one of the few cars to have gotten a 5 star rating from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). With great safety features, the Forte also has great added specs such as a 2.0L engine, Bluetooth, usb port and speakers which deliver music of the highest quality.  Additionally, it provides excellent fuel economy as compared to other cars. It can be available to you at as low as $139/month.

5. Chevrolet Cruz

How difficult is it to find a good-looking and spacious car that fits your budget? If you’re reading this, it’s probably not so difficult to find one. Here’s another one that can meet your requirements of a decent, luxurious looking and spacious car. It comes with many safety features, a big trunk (for you to put all your books and clothes when you want to fully utilize the space inside) and superior engines. This is one car you don’t want to miss out on. A use Chevrolet cruz can be available to you for as little as $150/month.

6. Toyota Corolla

The Corolla is by far Toyota’s best seller all over the world. This is mainly because of the different options available while buying this car. It is available equipped with a 1.8L engine, power windows, ABS, essential safety features and rear view camera.  Along with a premium drive, the Toyota Corolla speaks value for money at its best. Obviously, the bigger the engine, the more expensive the car will be but you can be the proud owner of one of the best selling cars in the world for just $150/week!

7. Smart Fortwo

Sedans aren’t the only way to go about buying cars. You may have a limited use and may prefer high fuel efficiency. You may not like speeding nor intend on having more than two people in your car. In this case, the Smart Fortwo is one of the best vehicles you can get your hands on. This car is equipped with a 0.9L engine, fits almost anywhere and can safely get you to your destination. If you don’t need a car for anything except for essential use, there’s no option better for you.

For students, it is highly advised that they buy a used car. This is because they usually have low budgets and change after a few years.

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