The most common mistake we all make when it comes to our cars is that we over-trust our car mechanics. They know more about engines than we do- correct! But the fact that they are always right- incorrect!

We will discuss some of the surrounding myths related to auto mechanics and car maintenance that may help to disperse some of the confusions associated with this vast field.

Get an oil change after every 3,000 Miles

One of the most common myths that come mostly from the mechanics is to change your vehicle’s engine oil after 3000 miles- the engine oil keeps the engine greasy and smooth. The figure 3000 miles was applicable a few years ago when the engines were not efficient enough; however, thanks to more synthetic versions of oil it is completely outdated now. The oil and lube industry recommends changing oil after at least 5000 Miles. If your mechanics says that it is still better to replace the oil before it is scheduled, your answer should be no, it doesn’t make any difference or does not make your engine perform better.

Premium Fuel – Premium Power

The Auto mechanic will always ask you to fuel up your car with the Premium fuel, no matter what type of car you have. He would assume the better the octane number the better the engine performance. Unfortunately, in some cases, it’s just a waste of money. SOME cars do require the Hi-Octane premium fuel but not every car. Premium fuel is not more powerful or cleaner or more refined, it’s just not as combustible as normal fuel- it’s used for the engines with higher compression ratio. It has nothing to do with the power!

Winterize your Car

If you live in a place where temperature drops really low, your mechanic may ask you to ‘winterize’ your car. It means that you have to swap your engine oil with a less viscous fluid in the winter, again, it’s not true! The synthetic and modern formula for engine oils is always suitable for winters too. The only thing you should do with your cars in winters is to check the tire pressure and to make sure the heater is working fine!

Warranty Validity

Your mechanic or dealership will always want you to return to them and no one else, obviously. He will always recommend service and maintenance to be done only at his workshop in order to keep the warranty of the vehicle valid. Again, that’s just a myth and not true, you can get the service done anywhere you’d want. However, make sure that you change the oil and filter on time and keep the records because not doing that can really void a warranty.  


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