For any person who is looking forward to buying their very own vehicle either new or old, they need to visit a car dealership or more at least 3 to 6 times in order to get a better view and outlook of things. However, with over 20,000 individually operated and independent dealerships across the nation, one can guess the competition has only been raised higher with time. With 95% of the total of `126.22 million households owning a car already as per the report of Robin Chase (CEO-Zipcar, Former CEO Buzzcar), there is bound to be a lot of tough times salespersons experience considering that majority of the buyer’s market is already saturated. But that is, however, the least of our troubles because you as a buyer needs to be aware of the following deal breakers we are about to mention in this post that you need to look for at the car dealerships.

When They Upsell You!

This age-old trick will still sound pretty new to ones who are about to go for their first every vehicle purchase. The ideal example of this trick is to put the additional cost in the buyer’s list without them even knowing. Usually representing the common add-ons for the unwary purchaser, they can represent some of the following features that you normally wouldn’t require, such as:

  • Extra or excessive cleaning of the car, also known as “prepping”
  • Fabric protection
  • Paint Sealant
  • Rustproofing

While the majority of them are placed into the invoice you may receive, later on, it is most advisable to go through the documents clearly and thoroughly to avoid such things missing out from your knowledge completely. Once you have read the papers comprehensively, only then you should sign them.

The Rebate Which Doesn’t Work Well for You

Rebates are a great way to increase the floor crowd for a particular dealership, however, there are mighty chances that they earn more from it than from you entering into a bad deal with them. There is always a chance where the buyer is often asked to make a few bucks to get transferred directly into the seller’s account. So, if you are telling a dealership that you are getting a great deal simply because of the applicable rebate than don’t, you should be negotiating the price even when there is a rebate, since these figures mostly come directly from the automakers and manufacturers and apply regardless of which price you get the car at. You also need to make sure that the rebate is directly cut from the cost of the vehicle you paid for rather than them mailing you a check to your home. If you accept the check then you can’t simply blame them for paying additional tax and interest on the rebate.

The Needless Guarantee

If you have ever considered that you can get a deal with freebies then let us inform you that such is only optimism on your part. Dealers would never allow you to run off with something free from their end, so if you think that the floor mats were a good gift for your first ever vehicle purchase at the new car lot, then think again. Though warranties are good if you want them to be extended, however, the free warranty never really existed in the first place. Most of them end up at the higher monthly installments you pay periodically. However, if you wouldn’t want to pay for the warranty in the first place, you can easily ask the dealer to take it off from the invoice.

We hope this post was helpful in offering you an understanding regarding the deal breakers that dealerships might slip through under your nose into the final agreement. For any further comments regarding the topic, please share with us your comments in the section below.

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