Car Dealerships have it tough considering that there are around 20,000 competitors to deal with around the nation. Hence reputation is an utmost priority and seeing that their name in the market should resonate with success over time along with reliable services offered to customers, it indeed becomes an important factor. Let us help you out to evaluate dealerships by their status and image alone, and how they stand amongst their counterparts in the market. Hence without any further a due, let’s get right into it shall we?

Voice of the Customer

There are many platforms online which enable past customers to point out which dealership is offering fair business and which is ripping their clientele with bad deals in the longer run. Reputation management is not an easy task and there are third party forums that allow you to voice your opinions free from prejudice and pressures. These forums often provide you with various reviews and rankings to help you make a sound judgment regarding how a dealership has been treating their customers over an extended period of time. With much information presented to you on these forums, you will be able to make quick decisions regarding which dealerships to look forward to and which to abandon the pursuit of completely.

Online Platforms

Recognizable platforms like Yelp, Google Plus,, and Edmunds offer you reasonable word of mouth from previous and current customers. If you find a healthy discussion where the dealership is trying their level best to save their image from falling apart, then probably they still have a conscious to feed and if they do succeed in calming down the online reviewer with a reasonable offer then this should be recorded as a corrective measure. Those dealerships that are ready to go an extra mile for maintaining their customer relationship and bonding translates to some form of a surety that their management does consider the greater good of people walking into their car lots.

Social Media

Ever since the advent of social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram the world and its business have exploded and grown out of proportions on the most viral platform our generations have ever seen. Social media is a great way to have a look at the auto dealerships and their dealings, with tons of postings made every day, there is simply little dealerships can do when things go out of hand. Hence the scrutiny level has risen to go beyond the roof. The margin of error has drastically become non-negotiable to the point where a small misjudgment can cause auto dealers to lose their face in front of the masses. Hence you should definitely visit social media pages and their news feeds whenever you have time to check out on their current posts and what people are saying about them.

Website Reviews

With the increased level of inspection for a website’s authenticity deployed by various search engines, it is fair to say that with Google leading at the front line, simply faking your image can lead to dire concerns for dealerships who are trying to reach out with customers through their business centered website. Once you find a dealership you should definitely try and visit their website at the earliest possible convenience. Read the reviews and you can make decisions accordingly whether to visit them in the near future or not.

We hope this post was helpful in letting you determine how to evaluate dealerships according to their reputation in the market. Though word of mouth holds value to this day, conducting an online research regarding their reviews and rankings will offer you a much clearer picture. For more information regarding the best dealerships to apply for, visit Pure Ratings.

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