It was in 2007, that UK’s biggest of the biggest in auto dealerships, Car Giant, located at White City, London was named the biggest car dealership in the world, but alas the Guinness Record wasn’t meant to last. Though they did win the 2018’s Gold Trusted Service Award, the current biggest car dealership title resides with Penske Motor Group which is in El Monte, California, USA. The flagship dealership sits at a staggering area of 50 acres, that is 200,000 square meters easily towering over Car Giant’s mere 30,000+ square meters. Let’s take a look at this amazing structure and what it has to offer?

About the Company

The dealership is parented by Penske Corporation which diversifies in transportation services and was founded in 1969. At the present racing legend, Roger Penske is serving his time as the current chairman of the company while Rob Kurnick resides as the current president. The dealership currently operates in three automakers including Toyota, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz. The Motor Group currently also manages four additional dealerships in California, including:

  • Longo Toyota – Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Longo Lexus – Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Longo Toyota of Prosper – Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Area
  • Mercedes-Benz of Marin – San Francisco Area

The establishment generates a revenue of $17 billion, and their business philosophy states “Effort Equals Results”.

What to Expect?

With all that has been said so far, we are pretty sure you are already dying to visit the place for yourself or even take your family there, and we recommend you should. When the worlds largest is offering you to visit the place then why should one not go? Recently, on the June of 2016 Longo Toyota made the record of selling 5000 new vehicles, while being the number one Toyota retailer in the USA for the past 49 years. What you can expect at such a gigantic place is an experience to behold that is undoubtedly unique, larger than life, and one of the most memorable one you can have. So, take your family with you or simply visit the place with your friends and take in all the glory it has to offer you. Expect to be treated like a VIP, there are like a ton of people working there as the workforce who are equipped to deal with customers and speak a total of 40 different languages and dialects.

When it comes to staggering numbers, expect nothing less than 15,000 cars at the place. They take their customers seriously and offer them a great and personalized experience for every single one of them. Longo Toyota, in particular, goes with the tagline of “Great People, Great Products, Great Service, Every Day” which goes to show how they have developed their services to cater to their target audiences. For onsite amenities you can easily find the following:

  • Automobile Club of Southern California branch
  • A couple of Enterprise’s rent a car offices
  • Starbucks Cafe
  • Subway
  • Verizon Wireless store
  • And much more

Furthermore, you may be surprised to have a vehicle delivery service ready for you, in case you do end up making the best deal that comes once in a while. So, make some history and visit the world’s largest auto dealership in the world which has also won several awards for its honesty of services and customer service over the past few decades.

We hope this post peaked your interest about world’s biggest car dealership in the world. To find out more visit their website whenever you have a chance. For more best deals apply for Pure Ratings online and have the best dealerships at your fingertips. For any further suggestions regarding the topic feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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